Michael Moorcock (ed): New Worlds SF 1967

Michael Moorcock (ed): New Worlds SF 1967

Moorcock took over the editorship of New Worlds in 1964, and a few years later, he was managing a magazine that had seized the zeitgeist head-on. In this August 1967 issue, the cover features the work of Eduardo Paolozzi – the Scottish Italian sculptor and ‘co-inventor’- of Pop Art (with his contemporary Richard Hamilton). This was one of a tiny bundle of magazines that in one way illustrated and in another way formulated, the spirit of the age. These included Architectural Design (AD), Oz magazine, International Times (IT), Rolling Stone (in its original low-print-cost, newsprint-paper, offset litho form), and of course New Worlds SF. New Worlds received a small annual grant from the UK Arts Council in recognition of the fact that Moorcock was featuring the best speculative fiction, articles about modern art, philosophy, science. It was a monthly fix of what was happening in the late 1960s – in poetry, fiction, SF, art, thought.

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