Media+Art+Innovation is a sampler of innovations in art, media content and technology that have in some way or another impacted upon the development of the form and content of 21st century media. These pages will provide a number of posts and longer essays on various aspects of innovation – important break-throughs in theory, in practice and in tools. They will also cover signature moments in the development of the techno-aesthetics that characterise our current decade.


Bob Cotton 

Bob Cotton is a researcher, designer, author and artist concerned almost exclusively over the last 45 years with the developing new media. His past work includes several books: Understanding Hypermedia (1993), The Cyberspace Lexicon (1994), Understanding Hypermedia 2.000 (1998), You Aint Seen Nothing Yet (1998), Futurecasting Digital Media (2002), books on e-selling and e-innovation (2003), conferences and exhibition curation The New Media Timeline (2003), The Bridge Interactive TV conference 2004, Interactive! exhibition and conference (2006), Zeiteye – a short film on media innovation (2010) and the Visioneca Festival of Experimental Film (2011).


1998_cotton-oliver_UH2_1998_cjulia-allure-cover_cHis recent work includes the ebooks and digital short-runs of Julia Margaret Cameron and the Allure of Photography (2012), and Julia and the Portrait (2014), and he is currently working on samples from his ongoing archive of media innovations at:




and the forthcoming


Bob Cotton currently teaches film history and theory at Arts University Bournemouth, on the Film Production BA. He is Visiting Practitioner Professor in Interactive Media at UWE. Between 2002-2006 he was Research Fellow in Digital Media at London College of Communication, (University of the Arts, London), where he taught MA in Interactive Media. He lives and works on the Isle of Wight. He welcomes correspondence. He is especially interested in the history of the core innovations in media that contributed to the present media ecology – the technologies, the theories, the aesthetic innovations, the content formats, the formal structures and styles that characterise the NOW.

This site will feature a wide variety of art-forms, media content, formats, software, algorithms, games, installations, events etc etc, please suggest any work that you think is inspirational in this broad sector.

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