Raoul Gromoin-Sanson: Cineorama 1900

Raoul Gromoin-Sanson: Cineorama 1900

Raoul Grimoin-Sanson’s Cinéorama at the 1900 Paris World’s Fair was the first cinematic panorama, opened scarcely five years after cinema came into being. An early step in immersive experience and simulation, Gromoin~Sansion’s feature for Paris World Exposition of 1900, was a simulated balloon ascent over Paris. With this user-illusion in mind, the audience were seated in a vast gondola, while the illusion of aerial ascent was provided by 10 synchronised 70mm projectors, mounted under the gondal and projecting their images, taken from a real balloon ascending 400 metres over the Tuileries Gardens, onto a panoramic circular screen.

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